The C.A.R.I.N.G. Team

We have teams at Haskins and at UConn.  Below are the people to contact about the project.

Haskins Labratories at Yale University

List of People
Haskins Labratory at Yale UniversityMorgan BontragerProject Coordinator
Whitney HoffmanWhitney HoffmannResearch Associate
Kenneth PughKenneth PughHaskins President and Director of Research
Haskins Labratory at Yale UniversityMark Van Den BuntResearch Associate

University of Connecticut (UConn)

List of People
Nina BayerIntervention Specialist
Caitlin FitzpatrickCaitlin FitzpatrickfMRI Associate
James HeJames HefMRI Associate
Dr. Devin KearnsDevin KearnsProject Manager
Shannon KelleyIntervention Specialist
Jessie LeonardIntervention Coordinator
Cheryl LyonIntervention Specialist
jonathan the husky mascotKarly RichardsIntervention Specialist
Manqian ZhaoIntervention Specialist